Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally Moving

So it is final...the Mackeys are moving (or so Richard says...of course we didn't actually hear it from the horse's mouth). But rumor on the street is that they will be trying to move up there the weekend of August 11th (at least a little at a time). This way they can be there for the start of school for Becca and Sam (I'm not sure whether or not the older boys are switching schools!). Exciting news, huh!! Although I think that weekend might just be the craziest of the year- Mom & Dad are moving, Jill & Jeremy are moving (cross your fingers the house doesn't fall through), Vernon is leaving for Las Vegas (Jessica is hopeful they'll be going too), and Mandy is heading for good ol' BYU (traitor...just teasing!! Go Cougars!). If anyone has anything big going on...go ahead and schedule it for that weekend (it can't really get more crazy!). So many changes, but all SOOOOOOO exciting!! Congrats Mom & Dad- we are all very excited for you!!